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Here at JF Studio, we pride ourselves in offering you a premium wedding photography experience. If you’re still looking for a wedding photographer, make sure that you would work with someone who can provide top quality and amazing results that you deserve!


As a team, JF Studio aims to capture every special moment of your wedding, in a classical way that you can cherish for a lifetime. 


The best wedding photography is candid, it’s all of the in-between moments. The best wedding photography is not posed, even if it sometimes looks posed.

Images are captured best when you are being yourself, not planned. The best wedding photography is real moments captured in the most beautiful way possible when you forget there is a camera around!

Jake Fouracre

My name is Jake Fouracre.  I have a very different and unique background which has lead me to be becoming a professional wedding photographer. 

In my earlier years, I was a professional race car driver throughout Australia and Asia. Having always been around premium and exotic cars, I found myself photographing them which initially spiked my interest in photography. 

One thing led to another and in 2012 I founded Rotor View Drone Intelligence, a specialized aerial imagery company. Bringing things back down to the ground,  I started taking more of an interest beginning with portraiture. 


I photographed beautiful ballet dancers and before I knew it, I was asked to photograph some of my friends weddings.   I became very passionate in wedding photography, as my fine attention to detail and attentive nature suited the industry … And the rest is history!

Isabell Karolewicz

Hey, my name is Isabella, you can call me Bella.  I am an international exhibiting, Melbourne based artist.  

Life is always filled with beautiful moments, whether it be hints of romance, love or flowers blossoming.  


These are the special moments I aim to capture when I am creating;  whether it be in my paintings, wedding makeovers or capturing everlasting photos of your wedding day.  

I have been working in the wedding industry as a makeup artist for 5 years and continue to do so.  With my eye for detail, perfectionist nature and flare for creativity, I love to capture timeless photos and have a passion for fine editing.

We Would Love To Meet You!

No two weddings are the same so every wedding makes our team excited! It is our utmost passion to capture the beautiful memories that you’ll create with your loved ones and we would love to talk about your wonderful wedding vision. Fill out our contact form today and let’s get the conversation started!

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